Napierville, May 16th, 2023 — From March 14 to 16, Sollio Agriculture held its “Put your footprint on Sollio Agriculture, put your footprint on your community” contest for the last time in 2023. The winner, Alicia Raynaud of Vankleek Hill, was drawn at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show (OVFS) and donated the $1,000 to the Prescott Holstein County Club.

Sollio Agriculture invited attendees to place their logo on a magnetized poster featuring the agricultural sectors in Ontario. Once the show was over, the winner was determined by a random draw from all participants. The winner received $1,000 to donate to the agricultural foundation or organization of their choice. More than 80 people participated in the contest.

The winner of the OVFS edition, Alicia Raynaud, wished to donate the amount to an organization in the Vankleek Hill area, served by Sollio & Uniag Agriculture cooperative.

“I find it very important to contribute to organizations that give back to the dairy industry. As a producer myself in this industry, seeing organizations like the Prescott Holstein County Club get involved stimulates interest and cultivates passion,” explains the winner.

“We are very happy and proud to see one of our producers shine through this contest that gives back to the community. The dairy industry presents many challenges and every involvement counts. Every involvement counts,” adds Éric Petizian, marketing agent for Sollio & Uniag cooperative.