It’s the 2023 series of the Cooperative Investment Plan!

Invest from November 6 to December 8, 2023, and get a guaranteed annual return of 4.5% and substantial tax savings!

The Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP) is a cooperative capitalization tool that offers a unique investment opportunity for our member companies and employees in Quebec. This investment method offers you a guaranteed return for 5 years and substantial tax savings!

What is the Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP)?

The CIP offers a tax advantage to corporate members and employees who participate in the capitalization of a cooperative. When combined with an RRSP, the combination becomes an effective accounting tool for subscribers.

Who can subscribe to the 2023 CIP?

  • Corporate members.
  • Cooperative employees.

Please note that the program is reserved for Quebec residents only.

Why subscribe to 2023 CIP?

  • Guaranteed returns.
  • The dividend cheque is paid annually to the subscriber.
    • To thank you for your investment, Uniag returns an annual dividend in the form of a cash payment.
  • The investment is 125% tax deductible at the provincial level.
  • The investment is RRSP-eligible, for a 225% provincial tax deduction.

A few technical details

  • Redemption date
    • Five (5) years after subscription. For example, a security issued in December 2023 will be eligible for redemption in December 2028.
  • Allowed tax deduction
    • 125% of investment deductible at provincial level only, for all subscribers.
  • Dividend
    • Dividends must be paid in cash. Dividends can no longer be converted directly into new CIP shares.
  • Rules to remember
    • Enter contributions in the right place on the tax return:
      • CIP on line 287 (Quebec);
      • RRSPs on lines 214 (Quebec) and 208 (Canada)
    • Be aware of the maximum contributions allowed:
      • CIP: 30% of total income (line 275)
      • RRSP: unused contribution room according to Revenue Canada

To find out more about the CIP, please visit the Publications du Québec website.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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