A vast inventory

Cattle, poultry, pig, dairy or other, Uniag Cooperative has a large inventory of quality products that will satisfy your needs in terms of animal production and feed. We know your livestock is important for you and that it needs the best products. That’s why Uniag Cooperative is always on the quest for excellence when it comes to the products and services we offer to our members and clients.

Farmers have access to high quality feeds for their livestock. Feed is prepared specifically for each category of livestock to maximize animal protection.

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Uniag Cooperative offers these products

  • Dairy feed
  • Poultry feed
  • Cattle feed
  • Goat feed
  • Horse feed
  • Special feed (cube or texture)
  • Pig feed
  • Ostrich feed
  • Lama and alpaca feed
  • Premixes, supplements and ingredients for on-farm feed mixing
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Our services

Technical and economic monitoring

Monitoring by agronomists and technologists

Feeding program

Heifer monitoring

Feed, forage and water analysis

Preparing cattle for shows

Feeds, supplements and minerals

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Dominic Bélanger Agr.

Sales director

Ruminant Sector

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Kim Lamoureux Agr.


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Alex Lapointe Agr.


Maude Tétrault-Labbé Agr.


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Phone: 450 245-3308 #3

Email: commande.animal@uniag.coop

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