Uniag Cooperative and Sollio Agriculture have joined forces to provide the best service to farmers. Thus, Sollio & Uniag Cooperative Agriculture benefits from a greater autonomy in the face of market instabilities and acquires competitive advantages for its customers. This innovation strengthens the cooperative’s position as a leader in the Canadian agricultural network.

All in all positive news

  • What remains the same : The same highly qualified expert-advisors who work for you.
  • What’s changing : The cooperative’s agricultural sector benefits from greater commercial agility.

Together, Uniag Cooperative and Sollio Agriculture are strengthening the future of the agricultural sector in our region​.

  • Ensure the sustainability of the network and the continuation of services to user members.
  • To face the context of uncertainty.
  • Seize new growth opportunities and remain competitive.
  • Maintain our position as a market leader.

Together, Uniag Cooperative and Sollio Agriculture provide agricultural producers with access to state-of-the-art services tailored to their needs

  • Competitiveness: critical mass, one-step, clarity of results.
  • Growth: lengthening the value chain, direct market access.
  • Financial: structure and business plans, portfolio optimisation.
  • Governance: keeping our cooperative values – strategic advantage for the producer.

Working together for the prosperity of farming communities in Quebec and Ontario

  • Addressing a fairness issue in regional market conditions.
  • Developing a real financial capacity for innovation: The importance of being able to adapt to new market rules (e.g. e-commerce).
  • Avoiding extinction: Many co-operatives around the world have not taken the right actions at the right time.
  • Accelerated consolidation in the agri-food industry.
  • Agricultural market conditions are undergoing profound changes.

Together we are building a new business model for our producers

  • Complete the consolidation plan for agricultural cooperatives.
  • Increase commercial agility and market share development.
  • Combine together, in the common interest of agricultural producers, the expertise of a global market watch (Sollio Agriculture) and proximity to the field (Uniag Cooperative).
  • To be a partner of choice for producers: to help them prosper and cope with market changes (R&D, smart farm, quality products and services).


As always, we are available to answer your questions.

A partnership for the future