Q: On a daily basis, how much water does a cow need?

A: According to official recommendations, a dairy cow needs an average of 75 liters of water per day. She drinks seven to eight times a day, taking in 10 to 15 liters per minute.

Q: What are the key locations for a waterer?

A: The best place to install a watering hole is at the end of the milking process and near the feed bunk. Ideally, the installation will allow the animal to drink without blocking other animals, while remaining in the scraping area.

Q: Depending on the size of the herd, what is the ideal number of watering places?

A: We recommend one watering place per 10 cows. Ideally, 4 inches of water per cow and never less than 2 watering places per pen to avoid a dominant cow preventing the others from drinking.

Q: How high should the waterer be installed?

A: The water trough is positioned according to the height of the water above the ground, so that the cows can properly dip their noses to suck up the water.

Q: What flow rate per minute is recommended?

A: The average recommended flow rate for a tube waterer is 14 to 18 liters per minute. For constant level and collective drinkers, a flow rate of 32 to 42 liters per minute is recommended.