On February 2, Uniag Cooperative’s Dairy Performance Gala honored the region’s top dairy producers at the Auberge des Gallant in Ste-Marthe. The 2024 edition of the Gala was a celebration of the local dairy industry, highlighting those who continually push the boundaries.

For 2023, the award for Best Increase went to Ferme Ricky of Saint-Albert, Ontario. As for the colored breeds, it was the performance of Daetwyler Farm, run by Mr. Pat Daetwyler, that took top honors.

Finally, the highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Dairy Performance Club top 5.

5. Ashley Cameron Farm (2.92 kg total components)

4. Ferme Lavigne inc (2.97 kg total components)

3. Ferme Soesbergen inc. (3.01 kg total components)

2. Ferme Yireh (3.04 kg total components)

1. Ferme Nieuwenhof et Associés inc. (3.46 kg total components)

The 2024 Dairy Performance Gala was more than just a celebration of the dairy industry. It was a well-deserved recognition of those who work behind the scenes to feed our families, support our communities and shape the future of agriculture. As we raise our glasses to honor this year’s winners, let’s remember that behind every glass of milk is hard work, passion and a commitment to excellence.

Our thanks to the partners who made the Gala possible: Desjardins Entreprises and Farm Credit Canada.