Napierville, April 5th, 2022 – Formerly known as Synchro Supérieur, Sollio & Uniag Cooperative Agriculture held a regional recognition evening to highlight the exceptional results of its dairy producers with a minimum average of 2.5 kg of fat and protein delivered. The event took place on April 1st at the Auberge des Gallant in Sainte-Marthe.

In the afternoon, Mr. Jérôme Carrier, DVM, MSc, PhD, technical advisor for ruminants at Elanco Canada, gave a presentation to demystify the culling rate and illustrate the different ways to keep cows productive and healthy for a longer period in our dairy herds. During the cocktail reception, producers received their honorary plaque and were able to take advantage of the on-site photo booth to capture the moment with their families. Afterwards, a hearty meal was served to the guests while they enjoyed the tunes played by the Blush band.

A touching tribute to expert-advisor Simon-Pierre Loiselle and François Jacques was presented for their 21 years of service.

By category, here are the winners recognized during the gala:

Best improvement :

5th place: Ferme A. Jannelle et Fils, 0.20 kg

4th place: Ferme Dlasept, 0.21 kg

3rd place: Ferme La Terre du P’tit Rang, 0.25 kg

2nd place: Maple Oak Farm, 0.28 kg

Best increase 2021: Morrisbel Farms, 0.34 kg

Best results – fat and protein

5th place: Weeberlac Holsteins 2.91 kg

4th place: Bryhill Farms, 2.93 kg

3rd place: Yireh Farms, 2.94 kg

2nd place: Morrisbel Farms, 2.97 kg

2021 Champion: Nieuwenhof and Associates Inc, 3.44 kg

The Sollio and Uniag Cooperative Agriculture team congratulates all the dairy producers of our network!


Thanks to Desjardins enterprises, partner of the event