Napierville, March 30th, 2022 – On Friday, March 25th, 2022, more than 300 dairy production enthusiasts travelled to Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee, in the Montérégie region, to discover the secrets of the Lareleve herd, recognized as the most productive in Canada by Lactanet!

With a herd producing close to 2 kg of fat per cow, Justin and Benjamin Nieuwenhof, owners of Nieuwenhof and Associates Inc. were receiving many visit requests. Together with Sollio & Uniag Agriculture cooperative, an open day was organized. Producers from across the country responded in large numbers. From Guelph, Ontario to Abitibi-Témiscamingue, distance did not stop them from taking advantage of this opportunity!

In a 30-minute speech, Benjamin shared the elements that make his farm so successful. “It is important to share our knowledge so that each farm can reach its full potential,” said the farm’s co-owner. Guests also had the chance to see Lareleve Redesign Seven EX-94 6E 9*. This cow is a finalist for the coveted Holstein Canada Cow of the Year 2021 award.

A delicious meal was served for the occasion. There was also a ventilation information booth, with Agrizone products on display. A pamphlet with technical information on the herd’s feeding, forage rotation cycles and farm statistics was given to everyone. Farm Credit Canada was also present.

“It’s important to share our knowledge so that each farm can reach its full potential” Benjamin Nieuwenhof, Nieuwenhof and Associates Inc.


Thanks to Farm Credit Canada, partner of the event