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Gaëlle Thouny

Gaëlle Thouny


La Coop Unifrontieres has a wide choice when it comes to using the right milk replacer for your herd. Here’s a brief overview of the milk powders we offer….

Goliath 24-17 PERFO and Goliath XLR 27-16:

  • 100% Canadian milk protein for optimal growth
  • 100% organic selenium: its bioavailability promotes the calves’ immune system and the control of their thermoregulation.
  • Addition of oleoactives/essential oils: research shows that calves consume more, have better weight gain and can be weaned earlier when these molecules are present. Also, anti-microbial effects have been proven with the use of certain compounds active on E.Coli, Crypto. parvum.
  • Contain a digestive catalyst: these are specific organic acids that act on the enzymes present in the intestine.
  • Addition of Mannan Oligo-Saccharides (M.O.S.): derived from yeast lining, these compounds act as a lure for pathogenic bacteria present in calves’ intestines. Positive effects on the intestinal flora and the intestinal wall (less diarrhoea, better digestion) allow for better consumption and weight gain.

Goliath XLR DEC-CHLO :

  • In addition to the additives described above, this milk powder is medicated with decoquinate to help the calves fight coccidial pressure in the environment.
  • It can also be medicated with tetracycline hydrochloride, absorbed directly in the intestine, which prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Goliath XLR ACC :

  • 27% milk protein and 16% raw fat for accelerated growth
  • Milk replacer acidified with organic acids (pH approx. 4.5): suitable for group milk feeding with a higher level of microbism. Acidification of milk results in a less favourable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria in the calves’ intestines. Less frequent intestinal disorders are observed by research.
  • As with previous milk powders, there are also oleoactives and M.O.S.
  • 100 % organic selenium.

XLR Solution :

  • Whole milk supplementation with 27% protein and 0.75% crude fat.
  • Premix used in a proportion of 1 part for 3 parts of whole milk.
  • Addition of oleoactives, organic selenium and M.O.S.

Which milk replacer is best suited for your farm? We are supported by Sollio Agriculture’s team specially focused on producing milk replacers that are palatable and nutritious.
We’ll talk about it during our next visit?