Following summer 2019 results, la coop believes that the use of probes measuring the internal temperature of cows is an excellent method to measure heat stress.

The fact that the probes have a three-year lifespan makes it possible to evaluate the quality of ventilation during the first summer and to measure the performance of changes made in subsequent years.

Summary of the summer 2019 experimentation
(3 farms, 7 ruminal probes per farm)

FARM # 1 :

  • Natural ventilation and misting fans above stalls
  • Fans’ built-in misters
  • Deep stall with sand
  • 25 health alerts on 7 probes in summer 2019

FARM 2 :

  • Natural ventilation and fans over the feed bunk and stalls
  • Sprinklers at the feeder
  • Deep stall with sand
  • No alerts on 7 probes in summer 2019

FARM 3 :

  • Natural ventilation and «Big Ass Fan» above the stalls
  • Foggers above the bed area
  • Deep stall with sand
  • 30 health alerts on 7 probes in summer 2019

Thanks to Desjardins, fincancial assistance is available to access this technology. Desjardins Group has created a $100 million fund to support and promote, among other things, initiatives and projects related to Desjardins Group’s socioeconomic mission. Therefore an amount of $50 000 is available to encourage the use of this technology by our members’ dairy businesses.

The cost to cover the total fees for 10 probes is $3,500 (before financial assistance). These fees cover a 3 years period of use. Desjardins assistance covers 50% of total expenses, up to a maximum of $50,000 for all participants. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the contribution offered, the $50,000 will be shared equally among the participants. You have until May 15th, 2020, to submit your application at or by calling Customer Service. For more information, contact your expert advisor.