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Patrick Vincent

Patrick Vincent

ConsultantMontréal-Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Sainte-Martine

One Paying Solution

The uncertainties of weather and feed costs in recent years brought several questions among our producers and have led us to reflect on the use of high corn silage rations. Some producers have been using this method for a few years and have had great success, but we wanted to get to the heart of the matter: is it really one paying solution?

The question was first discussed at a team meeting. A few of us had evaluated various scenarios and found that, last year, producers who fed more corn silage seemed to perform better and had fewer problems with forage inventories. We then teamed up with different experts to evaluate various aspects of the issue.

At the end, we developed a series of videos that covered several aspects of the issue. The series begins with our consultants asking various questions that are frequently asked by our producers.

The following videos are hosted by, among others, Mr. Luc Gagné agr., who evaluates the cost of forage production and the impact of expenses and performance on cost. He shows that, over the years, corn silage is very stable, but that hay production varies a lot and that its cost has particularly increased for the years 2018 and 2019. Afterwards, our consultants, Simon-Pierre Loiselle, shows us ration scenarios with their impact on feed costs. Marie-Philip Brisson tells us about the choice of hybrids and the various elements to consider. Next comes Jonathan Messerli, who talks to us about the aspects in the field when increasing the amount of corn silage produced on the farm. Christian Brault, from Ferme Brault et frères, also explains how his company works with the principle of alfalfa-free rotations. Finally, we hear back from Mr. Gagné on the overall profitability with high corn silage rations.

To view our capsules, click here:

  1. Intro – One Paying Solution
  2. Evolution of forage production cost  (last 5 years), by Luc Gagné, Agr. GGAEO
  3. Do high rations of corn silage cost more?
  4. Choosing the Hybrid – Part 1
  5. The choice of hybrid – part 2
  6. How can you produce more corn silage while preserving your soil?
  7. Rotation experiment without alfalfa – Ferme Brault et frères
  8. Overall profitability (fields and barn) of high corn silage rations, by Luc Gagné, Agr. GGAEO 

Finally, with this project, we wish to answer the questions of producer,s so that they can form a better opinion of this practice. Maybe it’s the paying solution to improve your farm’s situation!