The expertise and performance of the Uniag Cooperative team were recognized in outstanding fashion at the Rencontre des Experts-Conseils held in Saint-Hyacinthe on September 13 and 14. Organized annually by Sollio Agriculture, this event is the culmination of recognition for consultants across the network. During the event, Uniag Cooperative consultants won no fewer than six awards, demonstrating their excellence and commitment.

The awards won at this event testify to the high quality of the team. Here are the categories in which we received awards:

Consultant of the Year – Plant Sector: The sector's highest distinction went to Marc Rochette, in recognition of his leadership in the field, his in-depth expertise and his ability to deliver creative solutions to his customers. This is the third year in a row that Uniag Cooperative has won this award. Congratulation Marc!

Consultant of the year – ruminant sector : Likewise, the Dairy Sector team was not outdone, as François Jacques was honored as Consultant of the Year, among the entire network. His unwavering commitment to customer performance was rewarded with this award. We tip our hats in recognition of his efforts to push back the boundaries of innovation. Congratulation François!

The best performance of the year in the fertilizers category went to Marc Rochette for the fourth year running. Marc also took top honors in the Specialty Products category.

Kelley Allen and Jonathan Messerli were recognized among the best in the biostimulant category.

To top it all off, Kamel Hamidouche, Jonathan Messerli, Kelley Allen, Marc Rochette and Heidi Widmer joined the prestigious Maizex club. They made their mark during the year by considerably increasing the Cooperative's market share. The team is proud of your positive contribution, and this award reflects your dedication to making a real difference.

Recognized for best performance in the Synchro category: This award was presented to François Jacques for his outstanding work with the Synchro product line. We would like to highlight his strategic vision and ability to guide growers to success.

We would also like to mention Simon-Pierre Loiselle's nomination as a finalist in the Transilac category.

These awards are the fruit of the hard work, cooperative commitment and passion of every member of our team. We would also like to thank our support staff, who work tirelessly to support the efforts of our consultants.

Sylvain Boyer, General Manager of Uniag Cooperative comments: "These awards represent a proud moment for our cooperative. They reflect the team's hard work, and our commitment to our members. It only strengthens our determination to continue to serve our customers with passion, and to contribute positively to agriculture in our region."