Sollio & Uniag is proud to celebrate the best results obtained at the Dairy Performance Gala held on February 10. The Cooperative’s clients were invited to a celebration to highlight their commitment to performance throughout the year.

The Dairy Performance Gala is a unique opportunity for the region’s top performing dairy producers to enjoy an evening in their honor. The 2.5 kg Club is a very exclusive and prestigious group of the cooperative, reserved for the best performing producers. Reaching the level required to join this club is a highly sought after achievement in the world of dairy production.

The network has decided to increase the threshold required to join the 2.5 kg Club. For the Holstein breed, this level will increase to 2.55 kg, while for the colored breeds, it will remain at 2.10 kg. This decision reflects the commitment to performance and is also intended to encourage producers to push the limits.

We would like to congratulate all members of this elite club!

It is important to mention that to be part of the club, you must subscribe to the Lactascan tool and by default authorize access to the Dairy Federation Data (for milk weighing) and Lactanet (for the number of cows).